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What if I told you you were amazing...

Born in DC and raised in various neighborhoods of Prince George's County, MD, Cookie B. is a spoken word artist, photographer, and analyst who is passionate about leading and introducing a life that models freedom, impact, and boldness.  As an artist, she has worked with local governments, non-profits, musical artists, movie directors, and business owners to capture the attention of audiences on given topics in ways that educate, build up, and inspire by writing and communicating thought-provoking messages that change how we view ourselves, how we approach different realms of life, and how we connect with others.  She combines the power of a voice that calls for action with a posture that exhibits grace and acceptance.  She loves building community, loves love, loves watching others walk in greatness, loves sharing in God's graces, and absolutely loves adding smiles on others faces.  She has served on stages large and small and with partners locally and nationally known.  Spoken Word isn't simply about poetry or writing for expression, but it is a way to refocus attention regarding social, personal, and spiritual matters to what is good and true, what builds all things up, and what brings out the best parts of you.   

that you were made to conquer obstacles with a strength that tramples hades...


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