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What if I told you you were amazing...


Serving in a myriad of capacities and a bit of a fan of the color yellow,  Cookie B. is an artist, photographer, and analyst who strives to lead and introduce a life that is true, generous, and free, all while being worth remembering beyond the years we see. From analytical administration and operations, to giving hope and truth, all while capturing vision and joy in the things that make you amazing.  She dances to rhythms of analysis by bridging gaps in resource stewardship and creates authentic community spaces that capture growth and purposeful relations.  As an artist her goal is simply to provide confrontational messages that provoke heart change towards Truth - God's Truth - with content that is saturated in the Gospel of God's heart.  She loves people, loves love, loves watching others walk in greatness, loves sharing in God's graces, and absolutely loves seeing smiles on others faces.  Spoken Word isn't simply about poetry or writing for expression, but it is a way to refocus attention regarding social, personal, and spiritual matters to what is True, what builds all things up, and what brings out the best parts of you.   

that you were made to conquer obstacles with a strength that tramples hades... 


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