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Cookie B

Cookie B

Creative | SPOKEN WORD ARTIST | Curator

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Spoken Word Artist on Black Crate Yellow Background
Spoken Word Artist in White Hat White Earrings White Pants Black Background
Spoken Word Artist on Black Crate Yellow Background

 I'm here to bring hope and Truth to all things that are purposed and meant in you. To remind you of your greatness in the midst of what your race is, to fuel you in your fight as you push to see the light, and to give you the heart and Truth of the God who sees you with much delight. You are purposed, loved, and amazing. You are wonderfully, unashamedly created. I hope my work inspires you to live and walk in your greatness...

Sunflower Lion Bee

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Inspirational clothing, accessories, music, and decor

  • Live Performance Features

    • Corporate Events, Community Events, Faith-based Programming, Social Events, Private Events​

  • Recorded Musical Features

    • ​Intros, Verses, Interludes, Outros

  • Marketing Campaigns

    • ​Product Lines, Branding Messages, Social Causes, Awareness Strategies, Commercials

  • Custom Poems 

    • Special Occasions, Honoring Special People, Bringing Awareness s​

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